Love Self Promotion

3400623_sHave you ever noticed that some people are really good about promoting themselves and seem very comfortable with reminding others what they are good at or have the skills and education to accomplish?  Yet, if you are not easily talking up your good point, skills, education and talents, you may be missing valuable opportunities!

Take this quiz to see how you are at your own self-promotion!

Here are a few ideas to practice creative self-promotion:

  • Create a topic that people are interested in and offer to speak to groups on it. The more you speak in front of people, the more comfortable you will be about weaving your value into conversations when an opportunity presents itself!
  • Become a spokesperson for your department, your division, your company. Showing that you have the interest in being a lead or the “go to” person in your work environment shows your management that you’re willing to take more visible roles.
  • Involve yourself by volunteering for leadership roles in outside activities like community or charitable organizations. You never know who will be volunteering next to you to add to your Success Network. Once someone from another company or industry gets to see your talents and skills, that person can now help promote you to others. Plus, you can get a letter about your leadership role from the organization that can go in your Personal Portfolio.

Soon you’ll be promoting yourself in a way that you’ll “love!”

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