Have You Googled Yourself Lately?

The interesting thing about the Internet is how much is captured and stays out there for people to find! So, if you’re applying for a new position or there is a need for a background check, know that you will be “googled!”

Every six months, do just that – “google” yourself and check what comes up! Do these searches:

  • By Nickname
  • By Formal Name
  • By Company/Title
  • Web
  • Images
  • Videos

There will be mentions of you in connection with your career and family because of the social networks.  You will find pictures where you are tagged in Facebook or in YouTube videos. There will likely be links to your LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Twitter and any other social accounts you have created that display your name. And, if you write a personal blog under your own name, it will show up.

Why does it matter? If there is something posted that puts you in a bad light, you need to try to get it removed. Human resource people are not interested in hiring someone or promoting someone who has shown bad judgment that is easily found online in social media.  While you might think that is unfair, I have heard countless HR people mention that they immediately screen out a candidate based on “poor judgment” in social media.

Remember, things can hang out on the Internet forever, so be careful not to use poor grammar or spelling, politically polarizing or politically incorrect topics, as well as things just frankly in poor taste when writing. And, same goes for the type of photos you at a party, even if someone else posts them, it matters if you allowed them to be taken.

This is a world now that can cause media nightmares when a photo or video is taken of someone and posted. Never believe that a stupid Instagram pic goes away. Anyone who sees it can take a screen shot of it.

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