Mastering Social Media is an Ongoing Process

If your organization has a Facebook page, are your locations connected to it?

Facebook and the other social networks continue to change their business model to look for ways to monetize. Sometimes the impact of their tweaks cannot be seen at first.

Recently, a client had a branch manager notice that there was a negative review posted on Facebook for her branch address. This client had an unpublished page for their organization, so this was surprising.

When Facebook asks if they can track you through GPS when using your account, it also gives you the opportunity to map places you visit and provide a review.

Usually, a negative review posted in a timeline can be quickly addressed. However, if it is to an address, you must first claim that address through your Facebook page to be notified of the review and be able to respond.

What to do?  Make sure that you have all your locations transferred to your overall Facebook page to be the admin. Here is the link to the information on the Facebook site:

Once you have all your addresses claimed, you will be able to monitor and administer reviews that Facebook users can attach to an individual address.

Here is the link to a free downloadable guide for Social Media: Managing Social Media.

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