3 Self Promotion Tips

In trying to get everything done during the day, from your job to your personal errands to family responsibilities, the last thing on the list is usually giving attention to your personal brand, right?  Well, here are three easy to-do tips to give YOU some attention!

  1. Google your name to see what someone searching for you will see. For a new job, a promotion, a position on a volunteer or publicly traded board, and even as dating material, your name is already out there attached to a myriad of links. See what comes up first and make sure that when clicking through, your personal brand shines.  If it’s a social media network item, then update your profile and make sure your posts, tweets or other content show you in the best light.
  2. Plan your headshot photo that you use for the social media network and other posts like in Google+. Show some personality and wear a color that conveys want you about your personality.
  3. Color for your brand is not just your favorite color. The color you have associated with you, on your personal business card, Facebook or Twitter background, even what you wear in your headshot, is important to convey the right message. Blue indicates trustworthiness, green is optimistic, and yellow is energy or intellect. Here’s a fun video to watch about what colors can portray when tied to your personal brand! What Color Is Your Personal Brand?

The marketplace is constantly changing with new kinds of technology creating new kinds of jobs and opportunities. So, keep your brand updated to put your best foot forward as you’re ready to jump into a new adventure!

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