3 Quick E-Design Tips

While we all seem to be online a lot, it still is amazing how often the design of e-marketing and online advertising is not as reader friendly to the delivery your marketing message as it should be! Here are a few scenarios to test you!

  1. Avoid putting text over any picture. We look at pictures differently than text. In essence, you look at a picture and read text. Combining the two usually ends up with the text losing out.
  2. Split your design so that text is on one side and the photo is on the other. Pictures are always more compelling than text is, and in the US, people’s eyes move from left to right. So, if you put the photo at the right, the eye will be sucked into it…and never get to the text. Best practice — always put your photo on the left. 
  3. With only seconds of attention, avoid boring pictures. You have probably heard that images of dogs and children capture attention, but they work only if they fit your marketing message. At minimum, use a human being in the photo doing something, because people look at people. Action can be as simple as holding or looking at something that represents your product/service benefit .

Hopefully these tips help you review your e-cards and e-news to enhance the readability and action by viewers. It’s like writing a post-it note that appears on the viewer’s screen to get them to be interested and want to know more!

If you want a full-service e-marketing solution, talk to us. We have been doing clean e-marketing since 2003, from strategy, to writing, to design, to broadcast, to tracking.

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