3 Copywriting Tips – How to keep the copy minimal and concise!

As someone who is a writer and loves words, it still very hard to create the perfect-length of copy for marketing pieces in the first draft.  Also, it is tough to review someone else’s copy before it’s placed in a layout. Here are some good ways to work your copy:

  1. If you are making more than one point, especially more than 100 words, think about review and cutting three times!  Look to replace multiple syllable words with shorter words and shorter sentences.
  2. For layouts, set up the text box with the correct typeface and margins that exactly match amount of space on the marketing piece itself. You’ll be stunned at how little room there is.
  3. Keep copy no less than 10-12 points, which is the size of most books, e-mail set-ups, and smartphone settings.  If you try to simply cram more into the space available, you’ll reduce the power of the marketing message.  Type that is too small will encourage the reader to skip over it because it is difficult to focus on. 

 A final thing that I like to do is read what you write out loud. If you stumble, then rework the copy. We “hear” the words in our head as our eyes connect with them, so if you stumble verbally, your reader will likely do the same. 

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