Marketing Yourself to the Stressed Employer or Manager

When trying to find a new job or get a promotion, there are some ways to help create the best interview or situation to impress a stressed manager.  For example, when you meet with the manager, realize that the person is time challenged, has an underlying level of stress in their own job, and may not be focused on your interview or meeting.  So, try to remember these tips to set up the best environment:

  • Personal Space – Make sure to stay at arm’s length, the comfort zone for American business
  • Facial Expressions – Smile, be calm and pleasant because people will usually react well to a smile
  • Posture – When sitting, stay erect, and slightly lean forward to show your interest
  • Eye Contact – Look at the other person to make a connection by looking in to their eyes at least once in your conversation because it establishes a sense of trust

Finally, be prepared to take into account that people have different dominant sensory styles. The person across from you may be either Audio, Visual or Kinetic in how they absorb information.  Here are some tips for getting “heard”:

  • Audio – Have your story ready to “talk” to the manager
  • Visual – Be prepared to “show” examples of your work and experience
  • Kinetic – Give the manager something to “hold” like a resume or portfolio of your work

Some of these tips may come naturally to you, but I find it best to be aware of them, for every conversation or interview needs to have your best foot forward.

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