Connecting with the Stressed Consumer – Is There Quicker, Faster, Better?

Convenience does help the consumer deal with the stresses of everyday life.  One increasingly popular way to bank is on a mobile smartphone.  While it is a great offering, ING Direct Canada has taken their online banking to Facebook.  It is “letting customers who opt in view account balances, history and pending transactions and receive real-time account alerts within Facebook, all in read-only mode.”

For financial institutions, security is still a bigger issue in America with the use of social media networks like Facebook. Yet the article from American Banker mentioned that some other non-U.S. banks, like Commonwealth Bank of Australia, are letting customers access account data and some banking transactions through Facebook.

But what if you don’t have a big enough budget to have mobile banking or the platform to add Facebook like ING Direct Canada?  Make your other services as convenient as possible. For example, is your online banking login right on your home page?  Do you have a mobile site version of your regular website that provides your customers/members with an easier way to search key things from a smartphone?

It’s really about looking at what you have and making it better for your customers/members, even by small steps!

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