New Way to Make Decisions

If you wrote down goals on January 1st to accomplish this year, did you do some soul-searching?  For example, did you consider the long-reaching impact of achieving the goal(s)?

According to author, Suzy Welch, in her book, 10-10-10, most people make decisions based on the immediate situation and do not really consider the consequences the decision will have months or years later.  Because most goals are in response to a situation or issue in your life that you want to change, Welch’s process can be very helpful.  The basis of her process is this: “Given my question, what are the consequences of each of my options in ten minutes?  In ten months?  In ten years?” 

To make better decisions on your goals for the year, why not use a version of the 10-10-10 method like this: “If I achieve the goal of “X” in 2013, what will be the consequences of striving for it in ten minutes, ten months and ten years?”

It’s a simple exercise to give you a chance to think through your goals and dreams to ensure that you are really understanding how focusing on and achieving certain goals make changes in your path for months and years to come.

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