Keeping Focused While Being Online

Social media is called that for a reason. It is meant to be socializing for people across the Internet. So, as much as many businesses jumped in to try and capitalize on it as a “free” way to get more business, many have found little success in trying to connect with customers/members.

When monitoring and uploading new content, it is easy to get distracted by other social media conversations or topics or links and spend way more time than expected!

So, here are some tips to avoid the social media distraction or as I like to call them, “squirrel moments” (if you saw the talking dog in the movie “UP!”)

Ask yourself these questions about your own social media behavior:

  • With limited time and content, what is the top social media platform that you want to use to connect with members/customers?  There are so many and the more you use, the more opportunity for getting distracted and wasting productive time! 
  • What can you use of content, written and video, that will truly be of interest to the audience? And, can these pieces be uploaded easily across another platform or two to expand your reach without more work?
  • How much time can you carve out of each day to writing, editing and updating at least the most important social media platform?

 It is worthwhile to have interaction online; however, choosing to focus on one platform is key to getting the best content out and allowing time to connect with members/customers.

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