Make it Easy to Buy

Find ways to let your customers/members easily do business with you and other retailers online to increase your revenue all year long!  Here are some items to consider: 

  • Preferred Partners – Do you have a list of preferred partners that you can create affiliate links to such as Sprint offers a credit union member discount, insurance products, identity theft service, digital safe boxes or back-up options?  You can make revenue off of linking your customers/members to good quality companies who offer special pricing.
  • Local Coupons – What about offering coupons to local merchants around your branches or offices?  Not only do you show the merchants you are open to helping them with their traffic, your customers/members like knowing they can get a special offer through you, and the merchants see a lot of people who might benefit by a referral to your branch!
  • Special Offers – If you have overall specials that run for a month or a quarter, add a tab to your home page directs the customers/members right to a landing page of things that may help them save more or make more with their money!

Here is an example of coupons that we created for one client to put up online for a grand opening of a branch! It’s a win/win and just takes a little legwork.

Make the most of the relationships you have to bolster revenue in slices, not just chunks!

If you want to explore ways to increase revenues and improver your online retailing, give us a call or email us at! We are always up for a new challenge.

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