Getting in Gear for Your Career

The following is an interview with a wealth management bank executive, Trish Stark, about her career. While she is close friend going all the way back to college days, Trish has had an amazing career in banking and is definitely an honored member of my own Success Network!

  • When changing careers, what were the first steps you took to discover new opportunities?
    TS: I reconnected with my extended network using email and LinkedIn, to identify potential opportunities. I then used the internet to research those options. When meeting with potential employers or networking sources, it is very important to demonstrate you know something about their company and them. I’m always amazed how many people don’t take the time to do this simple step.
  • Did you have a plan for how to find the right position?
    TS: Not really – wish I could say I did – mostly I started talking with my contacts to see what was going on in the market, and matching that information to my skill set and career passion.
  • What is one thing that really helped your job search?
    TS: Networking.
  • What is one thing that really hindered your job search?
    TS: Time – I was juggling many things, and wished I had had more time to do a more extensive search. Prioritization is critical as I probably spent time on things that truly were not of interest, and I should have refocused that effort to those with true potential.
  • What one thing will you definitely do again to find the next opportunity?
    TS: Network extensively, and do as much research about various opportunities as possible up front (sorry that’s two things – networking is most important, though).
  • What is one thing you will avoid or not do in your next search?
    TS: Respond to ads online or in the paper. I prefer to be part of creating an opportunity that specifically suits my skill set and will make a difference with the company versus being one of a large number of respondents to an ad.
  • Is there a piece of advice you would give to anyone on a job search
    TS: As you’ve probably guessed by now, network, network, network! Always research the company/person you’ll be meeting with a simple Google search to be as prepared as possible for your meeting.

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