Find a Target Group of Influentials to Hang With

For your own personal brand, consider this fact – your next opportunity will come through someone you know or a personal connection. So, what are you doing to build the group of influential people for your career, for your friendships, for your love relationships, and more.

Consider tracking back on one of your important career moves. Did someone in your network of acquaintances, friends, or family members tell you about the opportunity, refer you or give a reference? What about for the big screen TV that you last purchased? Did you ask friends or coworkers what they thought was good, what pricing was good, or brands to look at?

The way to build your Success Network, which is my name for that group of contacts that are important in this very way, is to find key groups to add. For example, here are some key places that you find great “influentials” to add to your Success Network:

  • Apply for a leadership program usually connected to a city. The greater Phoenix area program called Valley Leadership is one in which I was selected for years ago and found great friends and contacts through it.
  • Serve on a committee or the board of a local chapter of a charity such as American Red Cross, March of Dimes, or other worthy cause.
  • Join and serve on a committee or as an officer of a trade association like the local chapter of the American Marketing Association.
  • Get involved with your college alumni association if you live in the same area or a geographic chapter.
  • Got kids? Volunteer for the soccer club or the Little League or Little Miss Softball programs, and join the PTA, help with the festivals or fundraisers.

And, there are many more ways to start building your Success Network, so start now or get back into it if you’re rusty.

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