Target with Special Online-Only Offers

For my Costco membership, I have the American Express credit card. For major holidays, I receive an email offer to get their AmEx gift cards for no additional fee. Having spent $4.95 or more for a service fee to get one at the grocery store, I consider that a great offer to a customer who has a relationship with AmEx online.

How often have you signed up for an e-news or provided your email address to receive e-special offers and expected to receive a unique offer? Because we all get so much email and junk/spam, there is a reluctance to give an email address to yet another vendor or brand to add to the growing inbox.

Yet, if you did get “Special” offers that someone walking in or calling in could not get, would that change your mind about engaging with the brand?

Your relationship with customers/members does extend to inboxes and online communication. There is an implied contract between the giver of the email address and the email communicator – don’t use my email in vain! Give me something special and exclusive for allowing you in to my inbox!

When considering your next email communication, what special can you put in the message to just that group receiving the e-card or e-news? Test an offer to see if you get a bump in open rates and click-throughs by linking to the special offer details on your website.

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