Credit Union Sustainability – Credit Union Focus for 2011

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Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

 Over the past year, CU senior execs have offered their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities credit unions have faced in 2010 and beyond on our Credit Union Sustainability video microsite. From overdraft privilege to interchange, “Credit Union Land” is facing many challenges and sharing what executives are thinking across the industry helps highlight opportunities and ideas. All the videos of the CEOs, senior management, marketing professionals and consultants that participated are available to view on the site.

A new perspective comes from Vince McKee, President/CEO of Pinal County Federal Credit Union. Here, Vince discussus the challenges that existed for his credit union in 2010 and the focus for 2011, loan growth. McKee also expressed how the economy and other challenges have forced the Credit Union to cut costs, such as the cost of operation expenses. On the other hand, as an opportunity, McKee talks about their focus to continue to grow their auto portfolio. He then specifically discusses lending challenges, loan losses and charge offs and their optimism of boosting the economy back up where people are getting into new jobs and therefore creating even more improvements in the economy.

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