Credit Union Sustainability – Lending Challenges, Member Loyalty & the Credit Union Difference

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Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

Over the past few weeks, credit union senior execs from Arizona have been highlighted on our Credit Union Sustainability video microsite. They’ve shared their thoughts on the opportunities and challenges that their credit unions will be facing in 2010 and beyond. Over the course of the year, CU senior execs nationwide have graciously agreed to share their thoughts. All the videos of the CEOs, senior management, marketing professionals and consultants that participated are available to view on the site.

Our next interview is with Robb Scott, President and CEO of Deer Valley Credit Union. Scott starts with the discussion of the challenging housing market in Arizona and his concerns about people walking away from their homes through foreclosure or short sell. Another main concern he discusses is about going back to basing loans on collateral value as opposed to being able to take the member’s character into consideration. Scott believes member loyalty and re-educating members on the credit union difference are opportunities for 2010 and beyond.


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