Tired of NCUA Messing with Marketing

My Marketing Strategy
Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

Every time another assessment letter is sent out or another regulation begins, it really messes with the marketing plans of my clients. From the depression experienced by credit union executives to the shrinking of budgets to the additional costs needed to address regulatory compliance, all of these are taking away from the ability to generate new business.

And, getting new business is harder than ever. Hearing that May housing numbers were lower than 2008 and that unemployment is not improving, consumers are still hunkered down.

Even worse, bankruptcy lawyers are all over television promoting how easy it is to get a “clean slate” and get out from under debt.

So, I have an idea. It’s time to start focusing on how many members are able to get funding for cars, homes, remodeling, and major purchases. Putting this on websites and in newsletters the actual number of loans as well as dollar volume. And, focusing on how much members are saving with the low cost checking, low rate credit cards, and other services that are at no cost or below typical bank fees.

In my mind, wouldn’t it be great to have a ticker clock that shows how many consumer loans are made every day at credit unions across the country?

So, even if NCUA is messing with my marketing efforts planned for clients, we can promote their continued funding of dreams!

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