Is Your Website Customer-Focused?
Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

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Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist


Have you ever thought about if your website is customer-focused? There is nothing more boring to the online visitor than a website that is just an online brochure of products and services.

In the new social media environment, there is a lot of “talk” about buyer personas. Marketing Strategist, David Meerman Scott, mentioned this in a webinar that I listened to recently. For example, our financial institution clients have buyer personas that can be built around life stages or events. You could have buttons/sections specifically for these life events:

  • First Time Home Buyer
  • Getting Married
  • First Year on My Own
  • Planning for Retirement

How much more exciting is it for a visitor to visit a specific landing page with resources tailored to meet his/her needs?

If you don’t have the time available to re-structure your website around these brand personas, I like the concept that we have started with our clients of building a resource center online. Organize articles or links that help the online visitor plan for financial events in their lives. For example, the first-time home buyer persona could include a mortgage calculator, credit score advice, a loan application, contact information and tips on what to look out for when buying a home.

Put yourself in the mind of the consumer; what financial solutions are you looking for?

Have you experimented with brand personas or resource centers on your website? Share your story with us!

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