Working the Opportunities with a Personal Marketing Plan

AA018447If you have been in marketing for several years, one thing that can happen is that your creative muscle gets worked hard during office hours. That may leave little creative energy for later, when you are considering new ideas or work on fun personal projects that excite you.

Very important is to have a focus on creating marketing for “You, Inc.”  And, you may be rolling your eyes as you read this, thinking that you’re not an entrepreneur, but you’re wrong!.

Really, you are a business and you “sell” your product to a company for your special set of talents, skills, education and experience. Because you have accounts receivable (income or salary) and accounts payable (bills), you seek the best place to “sell” your product.

If you want to continue to enhance your career and do what you love, the key is to have a marketing plan to follow throughout the year. A personal marketing plan can provide you with the ability to catch new opportunities and make sure you have the materials to provide for those new opportunities. These can be an updated resume and personal portfolio as well as references lined up.

After giving lots of workshops on “How to Marketing Yourself for Success” to AMA Chapters around the country, I developed a workbook to help capture the ideas, tools and worksheets to help marketers develop their personal marketing. The best thing was having CEOs ask for me to prepare resumes for their next opportunities as part of their personal marketing.

It works and you can check out more tips and insights in my downloadable workbook, Almost Famous: How to Market Yourself for Success, full of ways to help you jumpstart your career goals and focus on building the career of your dreams. It’s over 100 pages of tool, tips and worksheets a
vailable for download on our website for $9.95!

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