Your Personal Brand in 8 Seconds

02a134sgIt is always important to have an elevator speech that is 30 seconds or less about you as a business and what you do. Yet, if our attention spans are getting shorter, it is even more important to have one that grabs interest and plants your brand in the other person’s mind.

To grab attention during a quick attention span, consider these key things to include in your personal brand message:

  • Benefit – What problem do you solve for someone who works with you?
  • Emotion – How will they feel when working with you?
  • Credibility – Why work with you?

Here is an example: “To help you enjoy personal and professional success, I use my creativity and marketing expertise to provide proven solutions from years of working with clients to achieve their business goals.”

Breaking it down, the benefit is “personal and professional success,” the emotion is “enjoy success” and the credibility “proven solutions from years of working with”.

What’s your personal brand statement that engages the other person and immediately gives them an idea of how you can assist them in their business and/or professional life?

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