Connecting the Dots

woman-wtih-penWhen sending an email or a letter to someone in your network, applying for a new position, or corresponding with a senior manager, make sure to connect the dots. It’s amazing how often people forget to give the reader the context of your message. For example, explain the reason for contacting them:

  • Following up from a past meeting
  • Passing along a new piece of information that is of value from past conversations
  • Saw him/her speak
  • A mutual friend that you have
  • A referral from another executive
  • A hobby or interest that you remember he/she had

Always use a short mention to give the receiver an opportunity to remember or at least know why you are writing. If you have met someone, draw attention to the meeting, stating specifics of why both of you were there.

Everyone is busy and moving quickly from email to email, so make sure to connect the dots, jog his/her memory, and reinforce your position in his/her mind.

So often I have received resumes after someone heard me speak or met me at a professional organization meeting that never mentioned how I should remember him/her.

Make it easy to be memorable with simply giving your receiver the way to connect with you. He/she will pay more attention to your email and you’ll start seeing more success with this simple tip!

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