Building Your Story for Enhancing Success

2016-10-tips-bAren’t we all suckers for a great story? If a story touches our heart, our emotions, we are also more likely to remember it. So what is your story? Here are three ways to get started:

  1. Create a compelling mission that includes what you want to accomplish, the difference you want to make, and the ways you are making people lives, relationships, and/or businesses better.
  2. Describe a situation that illustrates how you came to understand your mission that made it so compelling for you to follow.
  3. Provide what gave you a sense of completion and success followed by the next challenge or opportunity or step in your journey

Here is an example:

“My mission is to make a difference in the world through my contributions of marketing talent, expertise and education, to help my clients to achieve success through good marketing strategy, training and creative solutions!

One of the most challenging times for me was being asked by a CEO of a long-term client to step in as the virtual Chief Marketing Officer to give her flexibility to take time to find the right person to fit her organization. This meant handling all the marketing strategy and projects as their agency and sitting in on senior management team meetings each month. As a marketing consultant, it is rare to be a part of a client’s team. Honored that the CEO thought so highly of our work, it was a good way to maintain her team’s focus on their goals rather than having to compensate for the missing CMO. This was a remarkable chance to step in to make a difference with a great group of managers and actually lasted for over two and a half years. The management team met the credit union goals and the transition was smooth when she did fill the CMO job.

Using what I experienced as the virtual CMO has helped me develop new programs and laser focus strategy on achieving our client’s goals. One such program is the Strategic Marketing Plan Development Program through Credit Union Marketing University that encompasses those experiences of sitting with the senior management team and knowing how to be the most successful.”

Try your story using the same three steps!

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