5 Writing Kickstarts for Grabbing Attention

woman_thinkingEver sit down at the computer to start a new promotion, ad, or campaign and feel like you have no new ideas?  Here are 5 ways to jump start your creativity for headlines:

  1. Ask a question…”What’s your back to school game plan?”
  2. Offer something special…”Open the door to your dreams!”
  3. Give a warning… “Get smart – refinance before rates go up.”
  4. Start telling a story… “Grandma started teaching me about money when I was a kid…”
  5. Lead with a strong testimonial…”Moving my loan saved me thousands in interest!”

These five techniques give you options to create themes, headlines and copy.

If you want help with copy, design and campaign themes, we can help!   Contact us at 7solutions@lemmontree.com or call toll free at 1.888.536.6243.

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