Keep the Creative Energy Flowing


“On average, marketers need one new idea per working day to fuel their marketing efforts. That’s 251 ideas per year.”

—Jean Spencer, Content Marketer and Writer for Kapost

Working in a career that requires the nimbleness to jump from project to project, and then brilliantly come up with the newest campaign or product or offer, keeping up creative energy can be tough. With management teams demanding more statistics on the results of marketing and the tracking of numbers for validating choices of marketing channels, a marketing professional’s creativity gets crushed with linear thinking.

Many marketing professionals are drawn to marketing because of their creative side and ability to develop campaigns to attract someone to buy a product or service. The ability to write compelling copy or design and ad that captures attention of the target does not often come from linear, step-by-step thinking. Those creative talents and skills are often from conceptual thinkers, who can take seemingly disparate pieces of information and uncover an opportunity or answer.

Here are some ways to jumpstart your ideas and help move marketing forward:

  • Where are we not growing?
  • What is the competition doing?
  • Who is our best target market?
  • How can we repackage our products to reach our goals?

While these are just a few to get the grey cells moving, come up with your own set of quick questions that help you keep your creative edge.

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