Allow Your Mind to Play

Fashionable artist in the mountain

“Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not.  A sense of humor was provided to console him for what he is.”

—Horace Walpole, Man of Letters

Did you know that most creative ideas come when your mind is allowed to play? For example, the initial melody for “Yesterday”, by Paul McCartney of The Beatles, came to him in a dream. “I just fell out of bed and it was there,” McCartney told Rod Granger of The Hollywood Reporter. “I have a piano by the side of my bed and just got up and played the chords,” wrote Craig Rosen in an article for Yahoo! Music.

It is also said that James Cameron, the director of megahits, had a dream that he wrote down upon waking up and it became The Terminator.  I once heard a story that the designer of the Pringles chip shape came from taking a walk and seeing a falling leaf drifting down and thought the shape may work for stacking.

Moving your career ahead means being able to be creative and see new opportunities. Here are some things to consider for helping you to keep those ideas coming:

  • Carry a notebook to jot down ideas that pop in your head
  • Brainstorm ideas with a friend or co-worker
  • Rearrange your desk
  • Drive a different way home from work
  • Go for a walk and write down everything that you noticed

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