Marketing Touches – Creative to Get Attention

[AMAZONPRODUCT=0470095199]Your one chance to get the attention of a customer/prospect may be a television ad on their favorite cable network. Or, it might be an online ad as they are logging into their personal email at home. Perhaps they receive a direct mail postcard or newsletter in their mailbox. Consumer behavior is spread out across many different channels that when your message does pop up, you only have seconds to grab their attention!

Does your marketing message catch their eyes and ears? Does it lead to building a relationship or just selling a product/service?

The key is to show the brand value in terms of the reader’s life, interests and needs. Selling a product/service needs to be wrapped into a message that engages him/her to think of your brand as part of the fabric of his/her life.

Consider these age messages that can be used to start your copy:

  • Age 18-25, the Energetic, “I want it all”
  • Age 26-37, the hard working, 2-income families, “Save me time”
  • Age 38-45, the maturing career movers and shakers, “I want adventure and opportunity”
  • Age 46-54, the business and community leaders, “I want to make a difference”
  • Age 55-64, the pre-retirement folks, “I have a financial decisions to make”
  • Age 65-72, the new retirees, “I’m not dead yet”
  • Age 72+, the aging, “I want a friend”

If you can appeal to the emotional core of the person by generation or an age group that you have the right mix of products for, you have a better chance of hooking their attention. With limited marketing dollars, get creative in your messaging by leading with what means most to them followed by how your product/service can help.

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