Marketing Online – Can you say “video?”

Throughout time, marketing has been about grabbing someone’s attention and interest to get them to buy a product or service. In today’s digital world, the addition of online channels like email, websites, social media and mobile marketing has madeit even harder to grab attention for more than a few seconds has become harder.

Television was the media that attracted the most “eyeballs” until the advent of YouTube. Not only is there an ease of uploading video but anyone could use digital cameras and tiny flip camcorders to create their personal entertaining videos.

So, if you’re going to enter a new industry, with a new message, what better way than to create a cool video to establish the brand? Check out the amazing introduction of Virgin Money!

What can you do with your brand to differentiate it from others online? Have you started a YouTube Channel for your brand with interesting content or fun, entertaining videos to show your brand’s personality?

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