Unplugged Marketing – an Oxymoron

It’s the holidays and in thinking how nice it would be to “unplug” from technology, my marketing side knows it can’t happen!

The advertising is in high gear from Facebook specials to retailers sending email offers every day to online ads.  There are even cell phone solicitations and text offers. Our consumer world is deluged with tech-based marketing

As Pew Research Center noted in a recent study, 58% of all adults (or 74% of all online adults) say they use the internet for no particular reason other than to pass the time or have fun. In addition, a May 2011 Pew Internet survey found that among online adults, 92% use email, with 61% using it on an average day.

In essence, the internet is a key part of our lives. So marketers have tried to find as many ways as possible to tap that addiction to the online experience.

Heck, I’m guilty! We developed website design starting in the late 1990’s, then a proprietary e-marketing system for clients back in 2003, then expanded into social media in 2009. The direct mail or media ads have special URLs to landing pages.

And, it is obvious that businesses today have to be plugged in with their marketing including a quality website, e-marketing, and social media because consumers will jump online to shop or research.

Can you even unplug yourself for the holidays?  Maybe, after you check on the lowest price for a Kinect or send that Gift Food Tower to your aunt through Costco online?

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