Are You Missing Weddings? Life Events as Marketing Targets

By Guest Blogger, Sarah Becker

Being in the middle of wedding planning, it is amazing how many companies target women for wedding products and services.

Attending a bridal show recently, every vendor had chances to win prizes for my contact information. Everything from a speedy cash company, teeth whitening, real estate agency, Costco, florists, venues, restaurants, dresses and tuxes plus much more.

The key was obviously to get my email and address because the vendors know that I’m definitely going to be purchasing products and services for an upcoming wedding. I did
receive all kinds of email and mail after the show.

But, what about other ways to target people who are planning a life event?

One example is financing. I looked into common ways to finance a wedding including using a credit card, applying for a personal loan, or taking out a home equity line of credit.

With loans being a major source of funding, are you missing out on connecting with that bride and groom or their parents?

Creating life event information on your website is a starter. One of our clients has a “Getting Married” link on the home page to a special landing page for newlyweds.

Another way to attract brides, grooms and parents is to do a mini-promotion, usually in the first quarter when a lot of bridal shows are held. Keeping the message year round on your website also helps as another way to remind your target that you offer wedding solutions as a trusted partner!

Any other ideas for a busy bride to help me make things easier for my wedding next year?

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