Why Are People Leaving Facebook?

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Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

Have you seen all the concerns tweeted and mentioned on Facebook (FB) about the new privacy changes? I had read an article where many people were shutting down their FB accounts because their information was being shared with third party vendors.

There have been problems cited about privacy settings that were a bit cumbersome to create protection. So much of an uproar that FB may be changing things again.

However, I wasn’t too concerned until today when I received an email from Pandora. Now, I had signed up for Pandora about a year ago but used it infrequently. Rarely getting any emails from Pandora, the one that popped in reminded me how much I liked their music, and when I arrived at their landing page, there was a surprise.

At the top of the landing page was my profile picture and the message that they are using FB to personalize my experience. That concerned me just a bit.

Pandora Radio

Questions started forming like:

  • If FB is sharing with Pandora, how many other “partners” are going to start targeting me with their offers?
  • And, did I not use the right privacy settings? Or my photo is now public domain?
  • If I use FB or other social media, do I give up rights on how to control my photos, my family photos, and any other information in their databases?
  • How much do I want to be connected with friends, family, and the thousands of vendors that use FB as a marketing partner?

What are your plans for FB for personal and business use?

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