Credit Union Sustainability – About Building a Strong Community Presence

Last week, three CEO Perspectives were highlighted as we introduced our Credit Union Sustainability video microsite.  As an industry, “Credit Union Land” is facing many challenges in this turbulent economy and sharing what executives are thinking across the industry helps highlight opportunities and ideas.  All the videos of the CEOs, senior management, marketing professionals and the consultant that participated are available to view on the site.

Our next video interview is a CEO Perspective highlighting Stewart Ramsey, President and CEO, Fort Campbell Federal Credit Union. Ramsey comments on the need for maintaining careful financial service processes like lending in these turbulent economic times.  Ramsey also emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong presence in the community in order to develop deeper relationships with members as well as reach out to non-members.


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You can join the conversation, too, on our CU Sustainability site, either with comments or by sending us a video message!

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