The Art of a Compelling E-Newsletter
Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

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Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

E-newsletters can be a great medium for connecting with your online members, but how do you make it stand out amongst all of the other inbox clutter? At LemmonTree, we’re constantly putting our client’s e-newsletters to the test and evaluating what works and what does not. Based off our experience and research here is a starter for the best e-newsletter practices:

  • Create Value – The content provided should be customer/member-centric. How is the product or service advertised going to solve their needs? To create value, include an educational article or a money saving tip. Also, this creates an opportunity to earn trust and position your financial institution as a financial resource.
  • Be Brief – Keep content clear and concise. For lengthy articles, consider driving members to a landing page or resource center to read the full article.
  • Add Interactive and Visual Components – Enhance articles with online calculators, surveys, comparison charts, graphs, etc. However, keep an eye on the file size to make sure it is not too large to send out.
  • Rethink Design – Many email providers block images by default, so be cautious when adding images. To get your message/offer through, add descriptive alt tags so that readers can tell what is being blocked.
  • Socialize – Get your e-newsletter buzzing around online with Share with Your Network and Forward to a Friend links. This way readers can share offers or money saving tips with friends and social networks.
  • Evaluate – Look at email analytics for open and click through rates to see what offers or information interested your online customers/members. This enables you to fine tune content for future e-newsletters.

Have any tricks of the trade to offer in creating a successful e-newsletter? Share it with us!

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