Are You Keeping Up With Your Online Members?
Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

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Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

New research from Fiserv has found that 2 million more US households have adopted online banking and bill payment compared to last year. What an incredible shift!

With so many consumers relying on online products and services to help manage their hectic lives, is your institution keeping up? It’s important that your website be the virtual branch members can turn to for the financial solutions that fit their needs.

How is your financial institution engaging members/customers online? Here are a few education-based ways I’ve seen:

  • Personal Finance Management (PFM) Tools – Help members/customers get their finances in order by adding a PFM tool to your online banking system. Learn more about them.
  • Debt Management Tools – A new tool being promoted online and on the Twittersphere is Debt in Focus  created by Filene’s i3 Group. Members enter information regarding their income and current debt and then a summary of their debt, debt payment schedule and an action plan is provided.
  • Podcasts – Don’t just hold seminars at a branch, post the contents online! That way Gen Yers like me can download it onto our i-Pods and be educated at our convenience.

  • Online Financial Resource Center – For client, Dover Federal Credit Union we created My Money Resource at, for the purpose of empowering their members to make healthier, more educated financial decisions. The site offers advice on topics such as budgeting, investing, financial planning and more. Also included is a space for members to share how the Credit Union helped them achieve success!

How does your current online presence rate? Try our FREE Virtual Branch Audit tool.

2 thoughts on “Are You Keeping Up With Your Online Members?

  1. Absolutely Carole! You’ve really hit the nail on the head – popping up online as a trusted source for financial education combined with the 24/7 access, now you’ve truly found the way to stand out from the competition!

  2. Thanks for featuring our new micro site! We are looking forward to using it as a means of presenting our financial seminars as well. Between webcasts and archived material, we want to give our members lots of options to get the information they need- when they want it!

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