How Does Your Site Look on a Blackberry or iPhone?
Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

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Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

In last week’s post, Mobile Banking – Are you ready?” I discussed the growing popularity of mobile banking. Mobile banking offers members account convenience and instant access yet it can increase costs for just a small initial group of users.

With budgets tighter today and if you’re not ready to tackle this additional service, consider creating a mobile site. It’s the next step in reaching out to the growing number of mobile Internet users without the full commitment of offering mobile banking.

Viewing Websites on Tiny Screens Requires a Different Format

Here’s a stat from a recent Nielsen Company study – there are more than 95 million mobile Internet users! There is a good chance this number includes some of your members.

A mobile site is completely separate from your web site with a separate domain (.mobi instead of .com or .org), so it is a relatively risk-free addition to the services you already offer.

Here are a few tips to designing a mobile friendly version of your site:

  • Stick to the basics – Keep the content to a minimum.
  • Make load time fast – Can the mobile site be downloaded in about 10 seconds or less? If not, reduce the amount of content.
  • Avoid large files – Flash or big graphics will make the connection much slower.

In addition to creating mobile sites for our clients, we’ve also created one for our company. Check out via your mobile phone to try out ours!

Has your credit union gone mobile? If so, share your experience with us! If you’re interested in creating a mobile site for your financial institution, contact us.

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