5 Writing Tips for Marketers (& Non-Marketers)

16404713_s1. Try the One Question Format. Attention spans are short today, especially because of the online byte-size news and information.  So, a great way to make it easy to attract attention and engage a member is to present one question that members ask with the quick answer!  This is also an easy way for you to get started with an email, a newsletter article, or a promotion theme.  Discuss industry news, take a stand, ask and answer questions, include a poem, etc.

2. Talk to the Member. Make sure to write conversationally.  The rule of thumb has always been to write to a 4th grade level with short words, very direct for easy skimming. When you do, the member “hears” your message more easily.  And, share experiences of how the credit union handles their business, giving the reader a glimpse into the inner workings as a friend and owner.

3.  Always Include Images. It is important to use photos to help tell your credit union story. Plus, a good photo can capture the attention of the member when he/she is scanning email, direct mail, ads, or web pages.  Cartoons or graphic images are also helpful, but are not able to put the member into the story as well as a photo can.

4. Use humor and fun.  When you use humor, it can help the member to be a part of the credit union.  Because people are generally fearful about their money, members may be adversarial and critical of how the credit union handles their money.  So, a little cartoon or fun headline can make the member more comfortable with the credit union…laughter does ease the way!

5. Include Lots of Links. Make it easy for members reading your emails, direct mail and landing pages to go the next step. Whether it is giving them more information or direct links to applications, pepper your copy with links to show how easy it is to do business with your credit union. Also, if you have Chat or online secure email, remind members that they can get answers or help when they use your digital channels. Plus, for members who like to talk by phone, provide your call center hours and phone numbers.

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