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“If you sell a pound of sugar, do it with the thought that the purchaser’s trade is valuable because he will soon be able to buy in barrel lots; if a child buys a penny’s worth of candy, put into the sale the thought that he will one day buy a five-pound box; and in each case see that the customer gets the thought.

Put into every sale the thought of advance for the customer as well as for yourself; soon they will all feel that they are getting bargains in everything. And they will be right.

If you thus put the advancing thought into every transaction, your customers will get it in regard to their own affairs; and they will begin to be more successful and will mentally connect their success with you.

This will strongly attract them to you; the best bargain you can give a man is to communicate to him the advancing thought in regard to his own affairs. No “premium” or “rebate” is equal to it. When you send a man away feeling that he is advancing, and becoming a more valuable customer, you give him the strongest possible inducement to visit you again.

If you communicate the advancing thought to your customers, they will begin to make successes because of it; and intuitively connecting their successes with you, will come to you for more power. You will build them up, and they, in turn, will build you up.”

Promote Yourself! By Wallace D. Wattles, 1910

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