Creativity for Online Experiences

You have probably tried to read as much as possible about the online space and what you should do to market your organization online.  There are blogs, e-books, offers for free seminars, both online and live, and e-newsletters or e-zines.  You may read the “10 Ways to Get on the Top of a Google Search” or “3 Things to Create Better Facebook Ads.” And, frankly, none of us have the time to go through all that content to figure out the right strategy.

Guess what?  There is no right recipe that fits every organization!  Here are three steps to get your creativity started in figuring out your solution:

  1. Shop your current online experience to see if you are actually able to easily fulfill online what you have advertised. Can new customers/members apply or join online easily, with just a few clicks?
  2. View your website on at least 4 different mobile devices.  Is there a mobile version programmed to be responsive to the screen it’s being viewed on?
  3. Pull up your last 5 web banners or other digital artwork that is viewed in sizes of 300×250 or 720×90. Are there only 7-10 words and are they powerful?

Reading all kinds of information about online advertising and solutions really boils down to one thing:  How simple is it to do business with your organization online.

Because people are shopping online and using mobile technology more, you have to be there. Yet, you have to make sure that when you do make offers online that you have a streamlined ability to fulfill them.

The best digital marketing is strategic, affordable and trackable.  LemmonTree has developed a package to get you in front of the people that you can serve with the ability to track results. We can also “audit” your digital marketing to find opportunities in your market.  Contact us today at for info about our informative webinar!

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