Honor Online Customers/Members with Special Touches

How often have you signed up for an e-newsletter or a webinar and never received anything special?  The relationship with your brand does extend to inboxes and online communication. This can be special and perceived as being part of a private group who get specials for allowing the online contact.

However, all too often, the communication is merely one-way. In terms of social media, a “Like” of a brand comes with an implied contract of gaining special interaction for providing the “Like”! How do you handle that target group of people who want to participate with your brand?

Here are some ideas:

  • Special download of a coupon or information for email or online customers/members only. While anyone can sign up for email newsletters, if there is something that you can do to honor that group, you will also get their attention.
  • Offer announced only on Facebook for the “Like” target group for a period of time before it is announced to your whole customer/member base.
  • Location event for a giveaway of something fun, like a gift card or t-shirts or other item announced only through Twitter or Foursquare for those customers/members who Follow your organization.

The key is to think of ways to honor the interest of customers/members who want to engage more, allowing your brand to intrude into their social media feeds or email inbox. It has to be valuable, fun, timely, and exclusive for a short period of time to gain their attention on a regular basis.

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