Finding Revenue Online

Remember that excitement in 2009 when Twitter and Facebook started to gain traction in the marketing space as the new answer to a highly competitive and congested marketplace? Well, years later, the biggest, loudest pundits to claim that every company had to have a social media presence or their company would fail, have started to shift their own marketing strategies.

Here’s one agency owner’s opinion. Bob Hoffman, of Hoffman/Lewis, said in an interview on Digiday  “All I can tell you is thus far social media marketing has not proven to me that is anywhere near the magic it was supposed to be. Social media itself has been a huge worldwide phenomenon. But social media marketing, compared to what was promised, has been a flat tire. Ask the investors in Facebook.”

So where can you find revenues online? Three places that need attention: Your website, your e-marketing, and partners.

How often are you adding content to your website and making it easier to open accounts, apply, and/or order products and services?

For e-marketing, are you keeping regular contact with your target market(s) and providing new ideas and ways for recipients to participate with special offers and easy links?

Do you have partners that resell your products and services or that you can resell theirs?

As an example, years ago I created several cross-selling training videos. I was able to get them picked up by Business Training Library and had royalty checks coming for years, in fact, I still get small ones each quarter. I like to call it “money while you sleep!”

Find ways to let your market easily buy online to increase your revenue all year long!

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