QR Code – A Gamechanger for a Yearbook!

During a meeting with high school teacher and administrator for a client’s student branch, the teacher mentioned something that surprised me. He mentioned having videos in the yearbook. My client asked, “You put videos in a paper yearbook?” He nodded and said they had used QR codes to embed video links in last year’s book.

Cool! They had taken a technology that was being used more for websites or special landing pages for promotion support and used it as a connection to YouTube. This made the yearbook more than a printed book, their use of QR codes opened it up to a visual experience of movement and memories.

Now a QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that is readable by Smartphone’s and tablets that download an application. With the growing number of people switching to the smart technology, hearing new uses is refreshing!

What can you use the QR code to do to make your brand refreshing, more fun and change the use of your brand? Ever thought that your high school yearbook could be more fun than just laughing at the photos or the silly messages written by your BFF or old boyfriend?

Let us help you give your brand a little pizzazz and interest!

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