Catching Fraud – A Key Customer Contact

Just last week, an email alert from the bank where my rewards VISA® credit card is held stated a potential fraudulent transaction had been made on it. The first issue in my mind was if the email alert was real since so often phishers use copied logos and graphics to steal personal information. The second issue was to check with my husband to make sure there wasn’t an order that he might have done on the card from the out-of-state location mentioned.

Next, I wanted to immediately acknowledge the email by calling the number and going through the security questions. I did ask the customer service person how I was to know that the email alert was truly from the bank. She handled it well, stating that the email address was noted as being the first contact by me and that she could confirm the last transactions.

What really made the bad situation better was the first customer service rep quickly moved me to Security. The sense of urgency and the subsequent fast assistance by the Security rep kept me calm. Finally, the rep told me that cards for me and my husband would be sent overnight to lessen the inconvenience.

Amazing efficiency and great customer contact from the bank eased my mind and reassured me about their ability to keep my accounts protected.

What is the process that you use when something happens to an account at your organization? Is it handled with timeliness, efficiency and care with the concern of the customer/member in mind? Is there an immediate solution offered and do you have follow-up emails/calls in place to ensure the process worked as it should?

In today’s competitive environment, make sure to protect your brand even during problem resolution to not give a customer/member a reason to grumble or leave.

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