Credit Union Sustainability – Becoming Stronger and Leaner

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Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

Over the past year, CU senior execs have offered their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities credit unions are facing in 2010 and beyond on our Credit Union Sustainability video microsite. From overdraft privilege to interchange, “Credit Union Land” is facing many challenges and sharing what executives are thinking across the industry helps highlight opportunities and ideas. All the videos of the CEOs, senior management, marketing professionals and consultants that participated are available to view on the site.

A new perspective comes from Scott Earl, President/CEO of Arizona State Credit Union League & Affiliates. Earl focuses on the positive outcomes that will arise from the recession. He believes that credit unions have the opportunity to come out of the recession stronger and leaner than they were before. Another opportunity he sees comes from the positive attention credit unions have received from the media, general public and Arizona legislators.


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