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Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

Are you taking advantage of the free service, Google Alerts? Often people know of it to use for tracking business names or brands online. It is also important for tracking your personal brand.

Google search for Nicolette Lemmon

Google search for Nicolette Lemmon

Over the past year, I have been tracking the number of times I have received a Google Alert for my name. There were over 3 every month. The type of mention ranged was from my blog posts to having my 1996 book, Almost Famous: How to Market Yourself for Success, being sold on E-bay. A couple times my name was popping up in the UK, again for my book being sold there as well.

The great thing about Google Alerts are that they’re free. Another is, you find out if there are any other people with your name. This is especially important when applying for a new career move. If a recruiter does a Google search and comes up with not such good info on a person with the same name, your resume could be dismissed without any further verification.

So, do this today:

  1. Go to and sign up to receive notifications about your name, and nickname version, too.
  2. Do a Google search on your name.
  3. Go to and put in your name, your Twitter moniker, and to see where your brand appears across social media networks.

There are other ways to check on your personal brand, but these will make you more aware of how you are appearing online!

2 thoughts on “Tracking Your Brand Online

  1. Excellent tips, Jeffry! Really like the suggestion about the links. If you do write a blog, whether personal or for your company, it is a great idea to see if you’re getting more mileage with links!
    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Good advice. Just to be sure, I’d also run a search for:

    +Lemmon “credit union” -Dakota

    The quotes and plus/minus signs are important.

    It’s a good idea to search for mentions of your website:

    You can also run Google Alerts to see who is linking to you. Search for:

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