The Spirit of Entrepreneurship is Alive and Well!

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Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

Yes, the spirit of being in business is alive and well in a 6th grader’s heart! The other day my daughter, 12, was discouraged over a lack of money after having bought gifts for family at the holidays and gone to a couple movies since, her cash was depleted to just $5.

Being an entreprenuerSo, she created her own “lemonade” stand but decided to sell orange juice, snow cones and Hershey’s kisses! Being “Mom,” I asked if she should wait until the weekend because more people would be around the neighborhood then, rather than a weekday. She shrugged and decided to try it anyway and enlisted a girlfriend to help.

This is not the first lemonade stand my daughter has conjured up, but it was definitely a different menu!

She pulled out all the stops because she only had two hours from school until it got dark to set up and sell. The two girls dressed up and they used her puppet show frame as their stand.

What expectations would you have, being battered with this economy? Not to make any sales, to get a couple bucks from friendly neighbors?

My husband and I were shocked – $23 dollars! Not bad for two cute grade-school kids.

Isn’t it worth jumpstarting your spirit of entrepreneurship and seeing what ideas you can create to generate some revenues, virtually out of your imagination?

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