What Do You Envision for 2011?

Nicolette Lemmon, President/Founder

My Marketing Strategy

Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

Think that was a misprint? While we have just entered 2010, you already set your foundation of sales and success with your 2009 marketing efforts. So, what you plan now and execute in 2010 will affect results in 2011.

If you’re not listening to your customers/members, you may be at risk of being too out of touch with their needs, concerns and desires to build relationships to last until 2011!

From Tuned In by Craig Stull, Phil Myers & David Meerman Scott, 2008, there were some great tips to being “in tune” with your market. Here are just three of their Top 10 Actions to create a tuned in culture:

  1. Get out of your office and talk with buyers about their unresolved problems.
  2. Identify your buyer personas – build a profile for each buyer persona and cut a representative photo from a magazine of them
  3. Define your distinctive competence. Make certain everyone on your team understands what it is.

Being in touch with the people you sell to and align marketing strategy with, the more successful your organization will be.

Soon, as your whole organization begins to focus on being “tuned in,” it will become second nature, part of the culture. Then, when a company is out of touch, losing market share, possibly going out of business, we’ll say, “oh, that was so 2009.”

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