Avoiding the Potential Disconnect with a Strategic Marketing Plan

Nicolette Lemmon, President/Founder

My Marketing Strategy

Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

Being a marketing strategist, when working with clients, it is easy to make assumptions about the entire organization. Then, I have realized how often assumptions can undermine good intentions.

For example, in creating a promotion that includes talking with members about how the credit union can help in refinancing loans to improve the members’ monthly budgets. However, assuming that all the front line staff has experience with budgeting personally or understand how to describe how to review the monthly budget with a member, is a potential land mine for the promotion.

Making assumptions that the front line of any organization is competent and able to fulfill the marketing promise really needs to be validated. The marketing efforts may draw in leads, however, the front line may not be able to discuss the promised solution well with the member to give them confidence to take advantage of the offer.

Here are my ideas:

  1. Ask branch managers about the level of knowledge of the front line in discussing the elements of a promotion.
  2. Verify branch statistics on past promotions in terms of the attraction of business during them and the application approval rate on loans.
  3. Create a quiz that tests the knowledge of the front line staff about the features of the products and services to be promoted, the benefits to members, and the other ways that the organization can help the person’s budget each month.

How are you matching or checking that the front line, call center, and online services can all fulfill each marketing promotion?

2 thoughts on “Avoiding the Potential Disconnect with a Strategic Marketing Plan

    • Cross-selling is a great way to encourage deeper relationships with members which does require good product knowledge. Training is still important for a good member experience.

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