Banks Give Credit Unions an Opportunity to Gain Market Share

Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

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Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

Last week I found out about the credit card fees that some big banks will be charging their customers to make up for next year’s expected loss of income due to the new legislation. These new annual fees will now be targeting those of us who don’t carry a balance or pay late fees. Boy, does that make me angry! Should I really be penalized for staying out of debt?

With everything that has happened over the past year, from the controversial government bailouts to senior management bonuses, banks have truly given credit unions the opportunity of a lifetime. Now is the perfect time for credit unions to go after the banks’ market share and grow their member business.

While I realize that I am not alone in my frustration, I’m wondering why more credit unions are not out there marketing to consumers and explaining the credit union difference. Some credit unions already have campaigns set up, but I want to hear more!

Even if you don’t have the budget for a big campaign, start small. Consumers need to get educated about where to get the most out of our money and to tell us why your credit union is the place to go!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • On your website, have a separate landing page that explains the credit union difference and include a fee comparison chart.
  • Include member testimonials on your site, newsletters and other marketing pieces that showcase how your credit union has helped them achieve financial success.

What’s your Credit Union doing to separate itself from the big banks? Share your story with us!

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