Mobile Banking – Are you ready?
Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

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Kelly Kressner, Marketing Specialist

Around this same time last year, while sitting at a restaurant with my boyfriend’s family, I noticed his mother doing her banking via a mobile phone. My initial reaction was “Wow, how convenient is that?!” Now a year later, as new programs have been created that allow consumers to easily manage their finances with a handheld device, more banks and credit unions have started offering this service. I read a few weeks ago that Arizona State Credit Union joined the big banks and became the first credit union in Arizona to offer mobile banking!

Mike Wehrs, President/CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, states in a recent mobile banking article featured in DMNews, “There are more mobile phones out there than there are PCs, bank branches or even operators that can help consumers do their banking through a phone call”. In this same article, research done by Wells Fargo found that 57% of US customers want instant access to their bank accounts. Acknowledging these two facts, is there anything more convenient you can offer to your customers than instant account access through mobile banking?

Mobile banking sites offer services such as bill pay, fund transfers, balances, transaction history, ATM locations and branch hours and locations. Subscribers can also receive account notifications through text message alerts.

Is your financial institution interested in adding a mobile banking service? Do you have reservations about it? Share your view with us!

Not yet ready to offer mobile banking? Make sure to have a mobile site for your members who would like to access your ATM, Branch or Contact information. See my post next week about how you can create a mini mobile site.

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