How can you be dissatisfied and willing to recommend?

Dennis Keopke, Vice President

My Analytical Side

Denny Koepke, Vice President

In doing several member satisfaction surveys in the first quarter of this year, there are always some raised eyebrow movements when reviewing the data.

Even with the down economy, the average survey results for satisfaction are still coming in above 90%. The lower profile of credit unions in the media and having less visible problems than the big banking entities has seemed to insulate our clients.

Yet, even with the continuing “thumbs up” regarding service, there are always some members who have a beef with something at the credit union. The difference that we noticed this quarter was that in several cases, there were members who note that they were dissatisfied with the Credit Union, yet they answered that they would still recommend the Credit Union to others!

The percentages of members who answer that they are dissatisfied are generally very low, less than 5% in most cases. So, even the small group that isn’t on full tilt excited about the Credit Union will still refer others to do their banking there!

Go figure!

I find it reassuring that members, even if ticked off about something at the credit union, still believe having a credit union for financial services is a smart thing to do!

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