Showing Your Marketing Matters: The Marketing Dashboard

To achieve your corporate goals, it is important to tie the marketing activities to accomplish the goals and then measure the results of those marketing activities.  The Marketing Dashboard enables the senior team to see the progress toward achieving your goals and weigh in on adjustments that need to be made.

The dashboard is meant to track the results over the year.  Overall CU Performance Metric that is measured by quarter and then the Year to Date Growth.  Depending on the metric that you and your senior team want to measure, you can add averages or other key items.

For example, here are some ideas when creating a dashboard:

Protecting the Core — (Retention)

Loan Dollars – % Annual Increase
Deposit Dollars – % Annual Increase
Average Loan Balance per Member
Average Deposit Balance per Member
Existing HHs Product Cross-Sell Ratio
# Members
Net Member Growth (per Qtr)
# Members Retained
# Members Lost (since last Qtr)
Member retention rate (per Qtr)

Lead Generation — (Acquisition)

Number of New Members or % Annual Increase
Avg Loan Balance – New Member
Avg Deposit Balance- New Member
New HH Product Cross-Sell Ratio
New Share Accounts
New Checking Accounts

The use of a dashboard offers a chance to regularly discuss results with the senior team and shows how your marketing matters!

Want to see an example of our Marketing Dashboard? Click here.



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